тендер / перевести письмо 4 страницы для носителей

тендер / перевести письмо 4 страницы для носителей

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«Dear Sir/Madam,

Under the previous agreements with Leonid Mondrus we are pleased to send you the summary of our company and executed projects, along with annex containing current tariff rates for translation services.

The company Linguistic Academy was established in 2010; it has been providing language assistance to foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. Among our clients are the following companies:
ETAP (Operation Technology Inc.), USA
— Intergraph Russia (CAD Software), Great Britain
Polynom Russia (Chemical design company)
— Honeywell Russia
Linde, Germany
Alfa Laval (Sweden)

Our staff consists of professional translators in English, German, Italian in the following fields and industries: Engineering, Automation, Manufacturing and Supply of equipment for oil, gas and chemical industry.

When working with our key clients, we designate a key account, assign a group of translators, improve and regularly update common glossary of terms to ensure the same stylistics of the translated documents.

Working procedure is presented in Annex №1 (Rates for translation services).

Reference list is provided further in Annex №2.

Yours faithfully,
Maria Shatokhina
Key account
Lingvo Academy

Annex №1

Translation Rates

Language Translation from foreign language into Russian* Translation from Russian into foreign language Document translation**
English 375 438 375
German 725 688 725
French 738 825 738
Belarusian588 650 588
Portuguese 838 925 838
Spanish 663 738 663
Italian 663 738 663
Dutch 925 1025 925
Danish 1063 1181 1063
Chinese 1050 1169 1050
Korean 1113 1238 1113
Kazakh 713 794 713
Norwegian 500 556 500
Polish 663 738 663
Ukrainian 563 625 563
Finnish 1213 1350 1213
Swedish 763 850 763
* — translation cost per 1 page (1800 characters with spaces)
** — minimum cost per page for document translation

Additional services
Service Schedule time Cost
Notary certification 24 hours (except for weekends) 800
Notarized copy (per page) 24 hours (except for weekends) 120
Apostille (without translation) 7 working days 3500
Certification by stamp of the translation agency — 250

Rise in translation cost (translational complexity of the text)
Text complexity Cost increase
Standard no increase in cost
(documents, business correspondence, social and political essays)
Average complexity 20% cost increase (legal, technical, financial literature, fiction containing moderate amount of specific vocabulary)
High complexity 40% cost increase (complex contracts, Medicine, IT, Nanotechnologies)
Translation of Power Point presentations 30% cost increase
Translation of PDF files 40% cost increase

Rise in translation cost (urgency)

Timescale Cost increase
Standard No increase in cost.
Standard time for translating texts of standard complexity – 7 pages per working day,
average complexity – 6 pages per working day,
high complexity – 5 pages per working day.
1.5 times speed-up in translation time 50% cost rise
2 times speed-up in translation time 100% cost rise

Annex №2

Reference list

1. Translation of software manual. (More than 2000 pages in length). 2012, ETAP (Operation Technology Inc.), USA
2. Translation of software interface. (Equivalent of 300 pages). 2013, ETAP (Operation Technology Inc.), USA
3. Translation of contract documentation, 2012, Intergraph Russia (CAD Software)
4. Translation of software documentation, 2014, Intergraph Russia (CAD Software)
5. Translation of the technical report under the contract for a survey of the refinery, 2016, Polynom Russia (Chemical design company)
6. Translation of the company’s audit report for prequalification in Linda AG, 2016, Polynom Russia (Chemical design company)
7. Translation of technical documentation on Doosan column equipment (Korea) for Rosneft, 2015
8. Translation of contract documents of Combi Lift company for Spetstyazhavtotrans company, 2017
9. Translation of requirement specifications to the agreement with Combi Lift company for Spetstyazhavtotrans company, 2016
10. Translation of financial documents, contract documentation for IT company Arkadia, 2015-2017
11. Translation of documents for the supply of pumping equipment for Rosneft company, 2016, NGES Engineering (oil and gas equipment supplier)» :::::IT, софт TEXT / Перевод